Our Staff

Jim Capaldo | District Executive Minister

jimI’ve been married to Kari, my high school sweet-heart, for over 20 years and God has blessed us with three growing kids.  God has graced our family with a global array of local church ministry experiences ranging from planting churches among the Tuvan tribe of Siberia to pastoral roles in Texas, South Dakota and Alaska.  Our life and ministry together has been anything but dull!  Having come out of a small, farming town in west-central Iowa, I experienced life in a community without a gospel-advancing local church. Having felt God’s clear ministry leading on my life from a young age, this reality galvanized my passionate aim to see gospel-advancing local churches started and strengthened on a global scale.  As the Converge Heartland District Executive Minister, I am honored to have the privilege of following this calling within my home culture!  Besides serving local churches, I enjoy college football, hiking, foreign languages, exploring, writing and introducing our kids to classics from the 80’s and 90’s. You can contact me at

Christi Wittrup | Finance Manager

I’m a busy mom of four and a pastor’s wife. My handsome husband Jayson and I started out as engineers for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota. In 2009, our family transitioned to full-time ministry life. This took us to Grand Forks, ND and now to Sioux Falls, SD which is near to where I grew up. We love our church, Faith Baptist Fellowship, where Jayson serves as the Pastor of Worship and First Steps. I enjoy helping and serving in his ministries. Our kids range from preschool to middle school, and our home is rarely quiet! I’ve spent most of my time since our children were born as a stay-at-home mom, and I’ve enjoyed this calling very much. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve part-time as the Converge Heartland Finance Manager.  You can contact me at

Jeff Gauss | Director of Church Planting

Jeff GaussWe can’t wait to read Jeff’s bio! You can contact him at

Keith VenHuizen | Communications Director

Keith VenHuizenI have been married to my wife, Hilary, for 8 years, and we have one child. We are, however, in the process of adopting, and are excited to see how God will expand our family in the future. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Biblical Studies, and have since been employed in a number of different ways, including 5 years of management, and 3 years of ministry. I also have experience with digital communications and website development. I am excited to combine my passion for ministry with my enjoyment of programming and writing to strengthen churches throughout the Heartland District! Perhaps the most important fact about me, however, is that my last name is pronounced vin-how-zin (now you know). You can contact me at

Jim Wold | Director of Pastoral Care

jim-woldCarol has been my precious Bride for over 30 years. We have three adult children and a spoiled cat. I grew up on a farm in northeast South Dakota, and Carol grew up in Chicago, Illinois. We have been privileged to serve together in providing care for ministry leaders since 2000. Carol has been my most valuable friend and partner in my various ministry endeavors through our married life. Whether while I was working as a counselor, instructor at a college, or interim pastor, she has always been at my side. We enjoy outdoor activities, watching and participating in sporting events, reading, and especially being with our kids! Most of all, we love being with people. We relish participating in fun activities with others, but we also love the privilege of coming alongside to help and encourage people facing difficult realities. We are excited to be serving the Converge Heartland district through caring for churches, pastors, and pastoral families. You can contact us at

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Angela Myers | Student Event Coordinator

Aaron and Angela MyersWe can’t wait to read the bio of Aaron and Angela! You can contact them at

Regan Beauchamp | South Dakota Prison Chaplain

debIn 1974, I married my wife Becky. We have five children and 13 grandchildren. We have served in prison ministry for 28 years at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. I pastor Prison Lighthouse Fellowship, a congregation located in the maximum security unit of the penitentiary. In 1995, we incorporated a non-profit called the South Dakota Prison Chaplains Association, through which we have been able to raise support for our ministry. In 2004, we started a church in the prison, which was recognized by Converge, and was the first prison church in our movement. On May 1, 2018 Converge Heartland acquired South Dakota Prison Chaplains Association, bringing us on as Converge Heartland Staff. You can contact us at

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Harlan Moss | South Dakota Prison Chaplain

debI was born and raised on a dairy farm near Sioux Center, IA. I married my high school sweetheart, Pat, and we have four children and nine grandchildren. After graduating from Sioux Falls Seminary in 2001, we moved to North Carolina where I was employed as a prison chaplain. Beginning in September 2007, the Lord opened the door for me to be a self-supported missionary chaplain at the South Dakota State Penitentiary where I minister to maximum security inmates. God has called me to give hope to the hopeless. That hope is found only in Jesus Christ. I lead two weekly Bible studies, and minister to inmates by offering counsel, cell-to-cell visits, and hospital visits, among other services. You can contact me at

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Dr. Greg Friesner | Director of Jail Ministries

Dr. Greg FriesnerWe can’t wait to read Greg’s bio, until then you can contact him at

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