Important Prison Ministry Update: Staffing Change

Recent Background

In Spring of 2018, the board of the South Dakota Prison Chaplains Association (SDPCA) voted to merge their non-profit organization, including the Prison Lighthouse Fellowship ministry, which is a Converge Heartland District Church, into the Converge Heartland District, and then to formally dissolve. The Converge Heartland Board of Overseers, desiring to preserve our District’s prison-based church as well as the corresponding ministry staff and prison ministry volunteers, agreed to do business not only as Converge Heartland, but also as the South Dakota Prison Chaplains Association and Prison Lighthouse Fellowship. As such, those who were vocationally ministering with the SDPCA and Prison Lighthouse Fellowship transitions into employment with the Converge Heartland District.

Staffing Changes

As of October 31, 2018, Regan Beauchamp has resigned from his District staff position as the Pastor of Prison Lighthouse Fellowship and Becky Beauchamp has resigned from her position as the Administrative Assistant of the Prison Lighthouse Fellowship. This resignation from employment with the Converge Heartland District is also a resignation from doing ministry in the name of SDPCA and Prison Lighthouse Fellowship. We desire God’s best for Regan and Becky on their next steps. They are connecting with their supporters regarding any future ministry details. Should you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to contact the Converge Heartland District office at 605.323.9621 or

The Ongoing Prison Ministry

The Prison Lighthouse Fellowship is a vibrant prison church with a continuing ministry that is being led by Interim Pastor Harlan Moss. Harlan is a Converge Heartland prison chaplain who has been serving in the Jameson Annex of the South Dakota Department of Corrections for many years. Harlan, who formerly served as the Associate Pastor of Outreach for Prison Lighthouse Fellowship is continuing to facilitate volunteer teams, lead congregational gatherings, as well as engage in cell-to-cell ministry. Harlan has had a very meaningful evangelistic and pastoral ministry to individual inmates, including the inmate who was recently executed on October 29, 2018. With Harlan’s increased responsibilities, we encourage you to financially support him and his ongoing ministry with the Prison Lighthouse Fellowship.

Learn more about Harlan

Volunteers & Ministry Support

If you have been a prison ministry volunteer, have prison clearance, desire to serve in the prison or desire to see people from your church volunteer in prison ministry, then please contact Harlan Moss via email at or call him at 605.940.4220. We encourage you to continue or even begin supporting the faith-funded Prison Lighthouse Fellowship by designating your support to either Chaplain Harlan Moss or directly to the Prison Lighthouse Fellowship.

Donations may be given online here

Mail Donations to:
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Make checks payable to: Converge Heartland

Designate your gift to: Harlan Moss or Prison Lighthouse Fellowship

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