Pastoral Care

Ministry is rewarding. Ministry is hard. The constant demands, conflicts, criticisms and crises often take a toll on one’s effectiveness and joy in ministry, as well as on one’s marriage and family.

Our churches are comprised of people who need a Savior. We all have our own history, personalities and perspectives. We have all been wounded, and we all have a sinful nature. These realities are often the precursor to relational breakdowns causing disruption, division and discord.

Director of Pastoral Care, Jim Wold, is equipped to aid pastors and their congregations in addressing challenging relational issues such as conflict, lack of authenticity, forgiveness, parenting, marriage and extending Christ-like love. Jim, in partnership with his wife, Carol, provide assistance through workshops, retreats, teaching form the pulpit, individual time with pastors, and group consulting with leadership teams. They aim to offer encouragement, renewed perspective and counsel to pastors and churches.

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