Marriage Workshops

Are there couples in your church needing help with their marriage? Could some of the marital issues you encounter be addressed to several people as a group? The fallout from struggling marriages is massive and heart wrenching.

On the other hand, are there couples in your church who have a good marriage? Would they life a ‘tune-up’ in their relationship? Or would they like to be equipped to help other marriages?

Our marriage workshop, Marriage to the Max, could be exactly what your church needs. Through our workshop, Director of Pastoral Care Jim Wold and his wife, Carol, explore God’s purpose for marriage and how couples can experience the fullness in their marriage God intends for them. The workshop seeks to strengthen marriages and equip couples to help others in their sphere of influence. Marriage to the Max can also serve as an outreach to your community, as many couples wish to improve their marriages in your community.

To schedule a Marriage to the Max workshop, contact Jim at