Harlan Moss | South Dakota Prison Chaplain

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As a prison chaplain, it is my privilege to share the Good News of salvation with inmates.
My primary focus is to lead men to Christ. Through cell-to-cell visits and Bible studies, I disciple inmates in their Christian walk, as well as provide encouragement and hope. I also aim to help inmates work through their anger and the pain of their past. I am able to provide Bibles to inmates who request one. I have many contact points with the inmates, including weekly Bible studies with incoming inmates and inmates in the Mental Health unit. I also visit inmates in the security housing unit, administration segregation, the hospital, the infirmary, and in hospice. When inmates lose family members, I am able to minister to them in their grief.
I am able to have an impact on these inmates’ lives through the gracious support of donors. If you are interested in supporting our ministry, you can do so by following the link below.


Thank you so much for your help and your guidance in my journey finding Christ in my life. I have been blessed to come across you! If I never see you again in this world, I still feel I have made a lifelong friend. I thank you from my heart. You introduced me to Christ, and He has made a new man out of me.


Chaplain Moss brings positivity, kindness and the Lord’s words to those in need of comfort in an uncomfortable environment. When he comes by, he stops and actually listens to the inmates and truly cares about them and their relationship with the Lord. He is a lighthouse in a dark world.


Chaplain Harlan, thank you for being my guide in this life. I know that being a guide isn’t easy. You deserve thanks because you work so hard to help people who are lost, hurting and broken.


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