First Steps For Planting a Missional Church

Are you considering planting a new church? Are you involved in a church plant now? The FirstSteps Seminar is an indispensable training event for being equipped and equipping others. Eight hours of interactive training that is incredibly helpful in understanding a multitude of issues all Church Planters face—Church Planting from A-Z! FirstSteps is a valuable tool for anyone serious about planting strong, healthy, growing churches. This program is one of the best training experiences out there today.


  • What is your plan for spiritual development?
  • How do you find receptive people?
  • How are you going to fund your vision?
  • What does preaching look like in a new church?

These are just a few of the questions that will be covered in the dynamic FirstSteps Seminar.

First Steps are important. In some cases, mistakes made in the first six months of a church plant can take six years to correct! FirstSteps starts with foundations, and then offers tips and strategies for first-timers. It discusses the pitfalls, pit stops and potholes that church planters are faced with in the beginning stages of formation. From relating with others and receiving vision, to dealing with dreaded financial issues, to preparing worship services, to launching churches, Gary Rohrmayer builds on the insights of other leaders.

Who is this information for?

  • Pastors who desire to understand the ins and outs of Church Planting
  • Church Planters who desire to be proficient in their skills
  • Coaches who desire to know what’s new in Church Planting
  • Restart Pastors who want to lay a new foundation for a sagging ministry
  • Lay Leaders who want to strategically be a part of the harvest

Coaching Guides

  1. Developing Vision & Values
  2. Spiritual Formation
  3. Developing and Intercession Team
  4. Fundraising
  5. Community Contacting
  6. Evangelism Strategy
  7. Gathering Strategy
  8. Building a Launch Team
  9. Financial Systems
  10. Choosing a Worship Location
  11. Preaching Schedule
  12. Launch Strategy