Church Planting

The most effective way of connecting people to Christ.

  • A marriage on the verge of ruin… a family torn apart… a broken father falling to his knees, repenting of sin, giving his life to Christ. A new Heartland church plant brings new life.
  • A church in Lincoln, Nebraska closes… a new church is planted… a daughter church is launched
  • A small group of Swahili -speaking refugees begins meeting in a Heartland church. It grows and is launching out into its own ministry as a church plant.
  • Long-time members of a Heartland church are concerned for their college-bound son. Where in Kansas City, KS would he find a spiritual support system? God provided an anchor for their son in the form of Heartland church plant. You never know when God may use one of our church plants to bless and protect your own family.

Are you a church planter? Here are 16 character traits of a church planter. Contact the District Executive Minster and let him know how you evaluated yourself. Email:

God is Changing Lives, through more baptisms, more churches and more success

Converge Church Planting from Converge Worldwide on Vimeo.

Interested in church planting?

Join a group of churches with a passion to glorify God by following the great commission and great commandment.

We are a group of churches with the following values:

  • We are Evangelical Christians, as opposed to evangelical, legalistic, fundamentalists.
  • We hold scripture as inerrant and inspired, but don’t hold to one sole translation.
  • We do not deny the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but sign gifts are not the primary means of sharing or growing our faith.
  • Church planting is for the express purpose of reaching the unchurched.
  • Multiplication movement mindset
  • Freedom of vision while connected with others through teams and coaching accountability.
  • Always training others for ministry looking toward the next place God opens the door for a new church for his glory

How to join:

  1. Initial interview: Call, e-mail or text message to share your vision, hear about church planting and allow yourself to be known by the District Executive Minister at or call 605-323-9621
  2. Assessment process: Not everyone is called to lead in the planting of a church, so we invite you to enter an assessment process that will help you know your giftedness and how it fits with church planting.
  3. Training: Church planter receives meaningful and practical training which allows them to be most fulfilled in doing what God has called them to do.
  4. Expectation interview: This is a period where you express what you expect of the District Executive Minister, and he states what he expects of you.
  5. Formal call: Affirmed by a team that you are called to plant a church
  6. Proposal: A written plan defining what, how, where, and when you want to plant a new church
  7. Start church plant
Want more information about church planting

E-mail or call with questions.

Jim Capaldo e-mail –
call or txt – 605-323-9621