Church Planting

Become a Church Planter

Hi, I’m Jeff Gauss. I’ve planted three churches in urban, rural, and large town contexts. As Church Planting Director for Converge Heartland, I help pastors and laity discern if church planting is something God may be calling them to. Perhaps, you already have a clear calling and specific direction. I want to walk alongside you as you determine the next steps and help you avoid the pitfalls of planting.

Why Plant with Converge?

Planting a healthy sustainable church is not easy. You need experienced planters who can walk alongside you on this journey. When you plant with Converge, you’ll get the expert guidance of successful planters and proven systems that will help increase the long-term success and health of your church plant so more people will have the opportunity to place their faith in Jesus.You’ll also receive:

  • Readiness assessment by one of the longest-running, most influential, and highly trusted church planting assessment systems in the country.
  • Practical training, coaching, and resources.
  • Funding to help you launch well.
  • Access to low-interest loans for future building projects.
  • A family of experienced church planters and enthusiastic ministry partners.

Who is Converge?

Converge is a movement of over 1,300 churches working together to help people meet, know, and follow Jesus. For over 165 years we’ve helped church planters like you bring life change to communities in the United States. We have a 92% success rate of planting healthy, life-giving churches.

We are missionally-driven. We start churches because the message of Jesus through the church brings hope to the world. That’s why we’re committed to starting missionally-minded churches for every people group in every community. We’re focused on connecting God’s people around God’s purposes, so He might ignite reproducing movements that transform lives with Christ’s love and truth. When you plant with Converge, you become part of a movement of like-minded evangelical churches focused on the mission of Jesus.

We are relationally-devoted. We are created for connection; yet, many pastors are lonely and feel ill-equipped to lead their local congregations. Converge churches are not in competition with one another; rather, we are committed to collaboration. We believe we are better together than we could ever be apart. One of our greatest strengths is our devotion to one another.

We are culturally-diverse. Converge began as an immigrant movement that started churches in additional languages. Very few groups have our diversity. We see the diversity in our movement as a place of strength, positioning us to reach entire communities and people around the world. When you plant with Converge, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with other leaders from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities.

Your pathway to planting

Converge Heartland provides a clear pathway for you to plant a new church.

Your first step. We want to walk alongside you throughout your church planting journey. Your first step is to connect with us by filling out the form on the left side of this page. We would love to hear what God has been stirring in your heart and answer any questions you have.

Pre-Assessment. We partner with Church Planter Profiles to help discern your aptitude and readiness for starting a new church. The online assessment is quick and easy and provides immediate results. We’ll walk through the results with you, give you feedback, and discuss next steps.

Assessment. If the pre-assessment reveals that you are potentially a church planter, you’ll have the opportunity to attend Converge’s highly trusted Church Planting Assessment Center. We believe assessing a church planter before they plant is one of the key factors to minimize the risk of planting a church. During the assessment, trained assessors will help you discern your calling, fit in ministry, and capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team.

Pre-Launch. Following assessment, we’ll outline partnership details, including expectations, funding, leadership development, and coaching. Among other things, we’ll teach you how to raise funds, recruit your launch team and fill out the legal documents to establish your church as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Launch. The support doesn’t end here. Now the real fun begins. When it’s time to launch we are standing with you to support you and your team. Throughout your journey you’ll continue to receive coaching, training, church planting resources and the opportunity to connect with other leaders in Converge.

If you’re considering planting a church in the Great Plains of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, or the Kansas City metro, you’ve landed in the right place. To get started, please fill out the interest form above. We look forward to hearing from you!