Church Merger Services

Demographics change throughout the life stages of a local church. In these changing times, it is possible that the best way for your church to reinvigorate and fulfill its original vision and mission is in direct relationship with another congregation. The process of two or more congregations coming together can be a daunting and nebulous task. Converge Heartland brings process, understanding and experience to bear on assessing, assisting and finalizing church mergers in a way that seeks to advance a renewed and celebrated vision and mission of the joining congregations.

There are many critical points to address in a church merger but none are more important than identifying and installing the new capabilities and structure that are necessary to seeing the new union of churches experience vision­-centric success.

There are many reasons why churches merge or consolidate, if you believe that this may be a solution for your church then contact us using the form below for an initial consultation, and together we will determine where to go from there.