Adult Mission Trips

Women’s Mission Trip

Since 2012 a team of Converge Heartland women travel to the Dominican Republic each year for 10 days. Completely stepping out of their lives and experiencing life in a third world country. They leave a piece of their heart in the DR but find the heart they return home with is so much bigger.

They undergo training to help them understand themselves and others…training that moves them to live missionally back home….training that helps them to hear God’s call on their lives and give them the courage to respond.

A step outside your world can make a profound change in your life. Building homes and churches, sharing love and Jesus, wiping tears and washing wounds…in all of this you will see Jesus in a new light.

Come away and return anew!


Local Mission Exposure Trips

Have you considered that cross-cultural missions work isn’t just something overseas? The reality is that our District has become more diversified like never before. The nations are coming to us. As time goes on, even the rural Caucasian areas will likely see these changes. Since God is working to bring these people groups to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods… will we respond? We have an unprecedented opportunity to engage unreached people groups (people who because of language and cultural barriers have little access to the gospel) without going overseas. There will always be a need for overseas work, but there’s just as much need for work here. And so in order to begin to address this real need and seek to obey the great commission, I am offering Local Exposure Training’s in Sioux Falls, SD. 

Our Director of Immigrant and Refugee Outreach (who for security reasons isn’t named here) is offering a 5 1/2 hour training and exposure about an unreached people group in Sioux Falls. They will present on Biblical passages that drive the work, the history and culture of the people, the work that is done, the biggest barriers, and a number of ways people could be involved. They likely will have a local believer come and share. And they will give time for questions, dialogue, and prayer together. Then they will take you out into the community to experience it and enjoy their food! The total cost is $35 per person. This includes the entire training, the meal, prep for the meal, and materials provided. 

Set aside a Saturday and get a group from your church together to experience God’s global work right here in the Heartland!

To find out more and schedule a trip, first contact Jim:, and he will connect you to our Director of Immigrant and Refugee Outreach.